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Google News で見つけた記事から。ついに出たか、VistaNASDAQ株価はどれくらい上がるんだろうか。

今は自宅でも会社でも Windows XP を使っていて、特にこれといった不満はないんだけど、数年後には Vista 使っているんだろうか。なんか想像できないなぁ。。

Microsoft's Vista Goes on Sale to Corporations (yawn)

Posted on Dec 1st, 2006

Today's New York Times covered Steve Ballmer's announcement yesterday that Microsoft's (MSFT) Vista and Office 2007, as well as a lot of server products, are now available to corporations. The Times' photograph (below) showing Steve Ballmer ringing the opening bell for the NASDAQ with gusto portrayed many other corporate executives sharing the euphoria of the moment with Steve and presumably, with the anticipation that billions of dollars would soon be raining down onto their heads and into their backdated stock option packages.

( SeekingAlpha の 記事 より引用。)

英単語 Check.

gusto : (何かする時の)心からの楽しさ・喜び

portray : 描く、描写する

euphoria : 多幸感、幸福

presumably : ~でしょうね、思うに・多分

anticipation : 予想、予期、見越し


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Google Blog のちょっと前のエントリから。短い文章だけど、技術者が書いたっぽい雰囲気が(なんとなく)伝わってくる。 " dive into AJAX " とかね。


Spreading the AJAX love


You may have heard that the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) makes AJAX development easier, but now we've made it even easier to dive into AJAX. GWT 1.2 supports development on Mac OS X. While GWT has always supported targeting a wide variety of web browsers and production systems, with today's announcement, GWT fanatics are now free to develop on the operating system of their choice.

Google Blogエントリ より引用。)

英単語 Check.

spread : 広げる、流布する

fanatic : 熱狂者、狂信者


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Google News で見つけた記事から。Universal Music Group が MySpace著作権侵害(?)で訴えたというニュース(たぶん)。こういうのはいたるところで繰り返し続いていくと思うんだけど、はたして出口はあるんだろうか? 今回の英文は知らない単語がたくさんあって、最初にさらっと文章を読んだときには、Universal と MySpace音楽に関する何かで手を組んだ、みたいなニュースかと思ったら、ぜんぜん真逆の内容だった。

Universal sues MySpace for copyright violations

November 17, 2006

Universal Music Group sued MySpace.com late Friday, claiming that the social-networking site is infringing on the copyrights of thousands of songs and videos.

Universal, owned by French media conglomerate Vivendi, claims that Myspace has looked the other way as users unlawfully uploaded copyright music videos.

In a copy of court documents filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Universal also accuses MySpace of aiding copyright infringement by reformatting clips so users can transfer them to friends or post them to other sites.

ZDNet記事 より引用。)

英単語 Check.

sue : 告訴する、訴える

violation : (法律・約束などの)違反

claim : 要求する、主張する

infringe : (法律などを)犯す、破る、侵害する

conglomerate : 複合企業

unlawful : 不法の、非合法的な

court : 法廷裁判所

district : 地区、地方

accuse : 告発する、告訴する

aid : 支援

infringement : 違反(の行為)


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Google News で見つけた記事から。先週も、Google が mobile phone をにらんでいる、みたいな記事を選んだけれど、携帯電話モバイル端末の中に大きな可能性(市場価値?)を見ている、ということだろうか。パソコンハードウェアが機能的に安定してしまったのに比べ、携帯電話のそれは凄い勢いで進化している。常にユーザーのすぐ傍にある端末が携帯電話。" mobile phones become more like handheld computers " の意味が、実感としてよく解る。

Google CEO sees free mobile phone future

Sunday Nov 12 11:17 AEDT

Web search leader Google Inc.'s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

Schmidt said on Saturday that as mobile phones become more like handheld computers and consumers spend as much as eight to 10 hours a day talking, texting and using the Web on these devices, advertising becomes a viable form of subsidy.

"Your mobile phone should be free," Schmidt told Reuters. "It just makes sense that subsidies should increase" as advertising rises on mobile phones.

( ninemsn.com の 記事 より引用。)


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Google News で見つけた記事から。GoogleGmailモバイル対応にも力を入れている、という話(たぶん)。ところで、Web サイトなり Web サービスなりって、PC版/モバイル版とたいてい2種類提供されていることが多いわけだけど、これが1つに統合される(というか1種類で済む)ようになることが近い将来起こりうるのだろうか。1つで済むことは(主にユーザーにとって)望ましいことなのだろうか。10年後も、PC版/モバイル版と2つに分かれているのだろうか。

Google Mail goes mobile. RSS too.

November 2, 2006

Google is very smart about mobile devices. On a PDA or cell phone, the Google search experience has been, for quite a while, very different than it is on a full-size screen. Google even parses Web pages it links to and tries to repackage them in a mobile-friendly way. (To force the Google mobile version, go to www.google.com/m.)

Gmail, though, has not been a great experience on mobile devices. But on Thursday Google released a mobile Java Gmail application for cell phones that makes using your Gmail account much easier [news story]. The new app--which will be preloaded onto some new Sprint phones, or available for download for anyone else who has a Java-capable phone here--is a very good mobile version of the Gmail Web app. The app gives Gmail its own custom menu system, which is much easier to navigate than a Web-based app would be on a cell phone. Gmail's message threading also shows up clearly, and the site displays attachments (like photos, Word documents) in the app. One snag: In my tests on the phone Google sent me to try the product, links to documents on Google Docs and Spreadsheets did not work. Oops. (A new WAP version of the reader is available too, which I have not tried.)

CNET News.com の 記事 より引用。)

英単語 Check.

capable : 可能で

snag : 思わぬ障害(故障欠点